What university has a mural known as “Touchdown Jesus”?




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  • Alabama
  • BYU
  • Notre Dame
  • Clemson

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Notre Dame


In Notre Dame Stadium, there is a mural of Jesus with his arms outstretched and bent at the elbows in a style that resembles a referee signaling a touchdown, earning him the moniker “Touchdown Jesus.” The artwork was donated in 1963 with the working title “Word of Life” and was meant to “commemorate Christ and the Saints of Learning.” Although it’s now better renowned for its football link, the painting was an homage to the nation’s greatest university library at the time.

What university has a mural known as “Touchdown Jesus”?

Notre Dame University, a renowned Catholic institution located in South Bend, Indiana, is famously home to a mural known as “Touchdown Jesus.” This iconic artwork has become synonymous with the university and holds a special place in the hearts of students, alumni, and sports fans alike. Let us delve into the history and significance of this mural and its enduring connection to Notre Dame.

The mural, officially titled “The Word of Life,” is a large-scale painting that overlooks the Notre Dame campus from the Hesburgh Library’s south side. It was created by artist Millard Sheets and completed in 1964. The mural’s prominent position and striking depiction of Jesus with arms outstretched have earned it the nickname “Touchdown Jesus” among fans of the university’s football team, the Fighting Irish.

The nickname “Touchdown Jesus” stems from the mural’s resemblance to a referee signaling a touchdown in American football. Positioned behind the Notre Dame Stadium, the mural is visible to thousands of spectators during home football games. It has become an iconic backdrop for televised broadcasts, symbolizing the university’s rich tradition of academic excellence and athletic prowess.

The mural itself is a breathtaking work of art, measuring approximately 134 feet wide and 68 feet tall. Sheets’ depiction of Jesus with arms outstretched, reminiscent of the biblical description of the Sermon on the Mount, serves as a powerful symbol of faith, hope, and inspiration. The mural’s size and scale contribute to its impact, evoking a sense of awe and reverence for both students and visitors.

“Touchdown Jesus” holds a unique place in the Notre Dame community. It is not only a visual landmark but also a symbol of the university’s commitment to its Catholic identity and mission. The mural serves as a constant reminder of the university’s values and the importance of integrating faith and learning. It represents the central role that religion plays in the lives of students and faculty at Notre Dame, fostering a sense of spiritual growth and reflection.

The significance of “Touchdown Jesus” extends beyond its religious symbolism. The mural has become an integral part of Notre Dame’s football culture and traditions. Its visibility from the stadium has made it a focal point for fans, who often cheer and celebrate in its presence. The image of Jesus with arms outstretched has been adopted as a gesture of hope and victory, reflecting the spirit and determination of the Fighting Irish football team.

“Touchdown Jesus” has also become a popular tourist attraction. Visitors to the campus often make a point of seeking out the mural and taking photos in front of it. Its image has been reproduced on various merchandise, including T-shirts, posters, and memorabilia, further solidifying its status as a symbol of pride and identity for the Notre Dame community.

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