What was Istanbul’s Hagia Sophia originally built as?

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  • A Jewish synagogue
  • An Islamic mosque
  • A Catholic cathedral
  • A Greek Orthodox basilica

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A Greek Orthodox basilica


[STC00215] While the Hagia Sophia has been reincarnated several times over, it originated as a Greek Orthodox Church in 360 AD, when Istanbul was under the rule of Byzantine Emperor Constantius (the son of Constantine I, for whom Constantinople was named).

The original building was destroyed by fire during disturbances in the fifth century.



and then again during riots in the sixth century.

The version that is still standing in Istanbul today was commissioned by Emperor Justinian to be constructed in the year 537 AD.

After it was finished, the emperor thanked their deity, saying, “My Lord, thank you for allowing me the opportunity to establish such a worshipping site.

” It has stood the test of time for the past 1,500 years, acting as a significant landmark for Muslims as well as Orthodox Christians for many centuries.