What was the first airline to have flight attendants?

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  • Delta Air Lines
  • American Airlines
  • United Airlines
  • Pan American World Airways

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United Airlines


[STC00319] Although the world’s first scheduled passenger airline service began in 1914, it would take nearly two decades for airlines to first hire what were then known as flight stewardesses.

In May of 1930, United Airlines, which at the time was known as Boeing Air Transport, made history by becoming the first airline to employ female flight attendants.

Ellen Church, a registered nurse and licensed pilot, was the very first person to work as a flight attendant.

She was the one who petitioned the airline to hire eight registered nurses as stewardesses for a limited experiment that would take place on a flight from San Francisco to Cheyenne, Wyoming, and then from Cheyenne to Chicago.

Its popularity led to an increase in the number of women who were employed in the highly competitive industry, and it also spurred other companies to hire hostesses in spaces that had previously been dominated by men.