What was the first city to have a traffic light?

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  • Philadelphia
  • Paris
  • London
  • New York City

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[STC0052] The world’s first traffic signal was installed on December 9, 1868 in front of the Houses of Parliament in London.

Its purpose was to reduce congestion and ensure the safety of pedestrians, but it bore little resemblance to the signals that drivers are accustomed to seeing today.

To begin, the light had to be turned on and off manually by a police officer.

It wasn’t until 1914 that Cleveland, Ohio got its first electric traffic light.

The very first traffic light in London was a gas lamp with two red arms that extended outward.

When it was time for the traffic to halt, the arms would rise, and when it was safe to continue, they would lower.

Despite this, it only had fleeting popularity in the beginning.

In the month of January 1869, a gas pipe with a leak filled the tower of the light, which resulted to an explosion that wounded the police officer who was operating it at the time.

The signal was turned off, and it would be several decades before it was restored.

The traffic difficulties in London continued to get worse, and in 1925, police officers were once again responsible for operating the city’s traffic lights.

In the following year, an automated light was installed.