What was the first official pair of “sister cities”?

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  • Denver, Colorado and Brest, France
  • Toledo, Ohio and Toledo, Spain
  • Boston, Massachusetts and Melbourne, Australia
  • Seattle, Washington and Bergen, Norway

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Toledo, Ohio and Toledo, Spain


[STC002531] If you think back to the social studies classes you took when you were in middle school, you might recall hearing the term “sister city,” but you probably don’t know where the term originated. The official Sister Cities program was first established in 1931 in the form of a legal agreement to promote cross-cultural ties on opposite sides of the globe. Although there is evidence of organized exchanges between settlements from around the world dating back hundreds of years, the program wasn’t given its current name until 1931. According to Sister Cities International, the cities of Toledo, Ohio and Toledo, Spain were the first to sign an agreement officially twining the two cities. The concept grew shortly after WWII and has evolved in the new millennium to include strategic international business links between the friendly sisters. That is certainly one approach to managing a company that is run by a family.