What was the previous name for the White House?

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  • The Great House
  • Executive Mansion
  • Washington’s Palace
  • President’s Place

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Executive Mansion


[STC00103] Before it became commonly referred to as the “White House,” the official residence of the President of the United States was known by a variety of other titles.

The White House was rechristened the “Executive Mansion” in 1819, after having been referred to as the “President’s Palace” on early maps.

This was done in order to remove any connotations of monarchy from the name of the residence.

Regardless of the official name, the ‘White House’ was a nickname in use around that time, due to the national monument’s iconic white sandstone, which stood in stark contrast with the surrounding red brick buildings.

Theodore Roosevelt was the president who first popularized the usage of the term.

In the year 1902, he made the distinction between the Executive Mansion of the President of the United States and the houses of state governors, which were also referred to as “executive mansions.

” By doing so, he created something that had never been seen before in the White House.