What were hamburgers called during World War II?




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  • Eagle patties
  • Liberty sandwiches
  • Freedom burgers
  • Knuckle sandwiches

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Liberty sandwiches


Even though hamburgers are now one of the most popular barbecue side dishes, they went through an unusual rebranding process during World War II. During World War II, Americans took great care to avoid even mentioning the name of the place from where hamburgers originally derived. Burgers were rebranded as ‘liberty sandwiches,’ much how sauerkraut was rechristened ‘liberty cabbage.’

What were hamburgers called during World War II?
During World War II, hamburgers were known by a different name: Liberty sandwiches. This was due to a patriotic effort to distance the popular food item from its German roots and to promote a sense of unity and national pride among Americans.

At the time, hamburgers were a staple food item in the United States, with fast food chains like White Castle and McDonald’s already well-established. However, with the outbreak of war and the country’s involvement in the conflict, there was a need to promote a sense of patriotism and support for the war effort.

One way that this was done was by renaming hamburgers. The new name, Liberty sandwiches, was intended to convey a sense of freedom and patriotism, while also distancing the food item from its German origins. This was seen as an important gesture at a time when anti-German sentiment was high and many Americans were suspicious of anything with ties to Germany.

The renaming of hamburgers was just one of many efforts to promote a sense of unity and national pride during World War II. The government launched a massive propaganda campaign to support the war effort, and Americans were encouraged to do their part by buying war bonds, conserving resources, and supporting the troops.

the popularity of hamburgers continued to grow during the war years. In fact, they became even more important as a quick and easy food option for soldiers and civilians alike. Many restaurants and fast food chains offered discounts to servicemen and women, and hamburgers became a symbol of American ingenuity and resourcefulness.

the name Liberty sandwiches is largely forgotten, and hamburgers are once again known by their original name. However, the wartime renaming of this popular food item serves as a reminder of the importance of food in shaping our cultural identity and the role that it can play in promoting a sense of patriotism and unity.