What writing utensil can also be used underwater?




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  • Highlighter
  • Pencil
  • Gel pen
  • Fountain pen

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Graphite pencils and waterproof notebooks are the means by which scuba divers carry on conversations while submerged under water.

What writing utensil can also be used underwater?
Pencils, the versatile writing utensils that we commonly use in our everyday lives, possess a unique characteristic—they can also be used underwater. This intriguing quality sets them apart from other writing instruments and makes them a valuable tool in various underwater activities and environments. The ability of pencils to write underwater is a result of their simple yet effective design, making them a reliable choice for those who need to document their experiences or make notes while submerged in water.

The secret behind the underwater functionality of pencils lies in their composition. Traditional pencils consist of a graphite core encased in a cylindrical wooden barrel. Unlike ink-based pens or markers, pencils do not rely on liquid ink that can be easily washed away or diluted in water. Instead, the graphite core of a pencil leaves a mark on surfaces by depositing thin layers of graphite particles.

Graphite, the primary component of pencil “lead,” is a form of carbon known for its ability to create dark, smooth lines. It is a relatively soft material that can easily leave marks on various surfaces, including paper, wood, and even underwater materials. When a pencil is submerged in water, the graphite particles within the core react with the moisture, allowing them to adhere to wet surfaces and leaving a visible mark.

The hydrophobic nature of graphite, meaning it repels water, also contributes to the pencil’s underwater writing capability. As water encounters the graphite core, it is unable to dissolve or spread the graphite particles effectively. Instead, the water forms droplets around the graphite, allowing it to make contact with the writing surface without being washed away.

The use of pencils underwater has practical applications in several fields. For divers and underwater researchers, pencils serve as essential tools for recording observations, sketching maps, or taking notes during underwater expeditions. Their ability to write even in wet environments makes them reliable companions for documenting important details or discoveries beneath the surface.

Furthermore, artists and sketchers who specialize in underwater scenes or aquatic life can utilize pencils to create stunning artworks. Whether it is capturing the vibrant colors of coral reefs or the graceful movements of marine creatures, pencils offer a versatile and convenient medium for artistic expression in underwater settings. The ability to create precise lines and shading with pencils can result in intricate and detailed underwater illustrations.

It is worth noting that not all pencils are created equal when it comes to underwater use. While standard graphite pencils can write underwater, certain features can enhance their performance in aquatic environments. For example, pencils with waterproof or water-resistant coatings on their wooden barrels provide better protection against moisture, ensuring that the wood does not swell or deteriorate whe