When did Canada become a country?

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  • 1867
  • 1869
  • 1870
  • 1872

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[STC001963] Under the terms of the British North America Act, the Province of Canada and the colonies of New Brunswick and Nova Scotia joined forces to become the Dominion of Canada on July 1, 1867. This event marked the day that Canada was formally recognized as a sovereign nation. Before that time, the land was partitioned into colonies that were principally held by the United Kingdom and France. For instance, France founded the province that is now known as Canada in 1535; but, after France’s defeat in the Seven Years’ War in 1763, they handed up control of Canada to Britain. Even after 1867, Britain retained its right to exercise sovereign control over the country. In point of fact, Canada did not attain its present-day level of autonomy until considerably later, in the 20th century. Although Queen Elizabeth II continues to serve as head of state, the territory is now a fully independent country with its own government. It has three territories and ten provinces, making it the second-biggest country in the world after Russia in terms of landmass. Russia is the largest country in the world.