Where are the Apennine Mountains?

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  • Italy
  • Nepal
  • Morocco
  • Norway

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[STC00402] The Apennine Mountain Range runs all the way down the Italian peninsula, from the middle of the country all the way to the toe of its ‘boot.

‘ It has a total length of around 1,400 kilometers.

Corno Grande, located in the Abruzzo region of central Italy, boasts the highest elevation in the range at an impressive 9,554 feet above mean sea level.

It is Italy’s second-highest peak outside of the Alps — only Mount Etna in Sicily is taller, reaching about 11,000 feet above sea level, depending on volcanic activity.

Due to the mountain range’s location at the point where the African and European tectonic plates meet, the area is prone to frequent earthquakes.

A second mountain range with the same name as Italy’s Appenines can be discovered on the moon; these Montes Appenines are named for the mountain range in Italy.