Where are the most expensive schools in the world?

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  • United States
  • Japan
  • Saudi Arabia
  • Switzerland

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[STC002213] If you think the cost of tuition is expensive where you live, you should not migrate to Switzerland. It should come as no surprise that the country is home to a handful of prestigious boarding schools that charge exorbitant tuition fees. According to World Atlas, the United States is home to eight of the world’s ten boarding schools that are ranked among the most costly in the world. We are talking about institutions that have Jacuzzis and five-star gyms, as well as equestrian programs, fencing programs, and skydiving programs. The tuition and boarding fees at elite institutions like the Institut auf dem Rosenberg in St. Gallen, Switzerland, total more than $150,000 a year, making it the most expensive school in the world. However, considering that almost 99 percent of graduates from this boarding school go on to study at some of the best colleges in the world, the investment is well worth it. Other expensive boarding schools include the Collège Alpin International Beau Soleil in Ollon, the Institut Le Rosey in Rolle, and the Collège du Léman in Versoix, which each charge a total tuition of $140,000, $130,000, and $94,300, respectively.