Where are the Seven Sisters Cliffs?

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  • Norway
  • Ukraine
  • Portugal
  • England

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[STC001073] You might be aware with the White Cliffs of Dover, which are located along the English Channel; however, the Seven Sisters, which are located nearby, are just as breathtaking. These cliffs get their name from the seven distinctive hilltops and their stark white color from the abundance of chalk in the stone that makes up the cliff face. The location dates back to prehistoric periods, when the lighter chalk was pushed to the surface of the ocean by the seawater, and the cliffs were exposed when the waves receded over the course of time (a process which is now reversing thanks to erosion). You may recognize the cliffs from their appearances in the movies “Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves” and “Atonement.” The cliffs form a wonderful backdrop not only for photographs, but also for movies.