Where can you explore the Sacred Monkey Forest?

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  • Windhoek, Namibia
  • Cartago, Costa Rica
  • Kathmandu, Nepal
  • Bali, Indonesia

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Bali, Indonesia


[STC00336] The Sacred Monkey Forest Sanctuary in Bali, Indonesia is home to a large number of monkeys who like playing about.

About 900 long-tailed macaques, a kind of monkey that can be found all throughout Southeast Asia, call the 30-acre sanctuary in Ubud, which is also known as the Ubud Monkey Forest, home.

The monkeys, true to their namesake, have extremely lengthy tails, which are frequently greater in length than the length of their bodies.

It is possible for visitors to the sanctuary to weave through trails that are inhabited by monkeys; however, they are cautioned from giving the monkeys any additional food because they are being fed three times per day.

The Hindu philosophy known as “Tri Hita Karana,” which seeks to maintain harmonious interactions between humans, humans, and the environment, serves as the inspiration for the mission of the sanctuary, which was founded on that idea.