Where can you find “Drainpipe of the Pacific”?

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  • Yachats, Oregon
  • Westport, Washington
  • Eureka, California
  • Moss Landing, California

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Yachats, Oregon


[STC00511] A mysterious stone circle that gives the impression that it is consuming the ocean can be found close to Yachats, Oregon, just next to Highway 101. Known as ‘Thor’s Well’ or the ‘Drainpipe of the Pacific,’ this rock formation is a 20-foot-deep pit that has been carved out of the basalt shoreline by waves. It was most likely a sea cave in the past, but its ceiling has since fallen. Now, it has a hole in the top as well as the bottom, allowing water to enter the structure from both the top and the bottom. Visit just before high tide to see the formation fill up again before seawater bubbles to the top and splashes out in a dramatic fashion. The formation is a famous tourist attraction; time your visit so that you can watch it happen.