Where did plantains originate?

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  • The Caribbean
  • Southeast Asia
  • The Middle East
  • The Andes Mountains

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Southeast Asia


[STC00995] Bananas and plantains share a similar appearance, but plantains are far larger, more starchy, and contain significantly less sugar. Plantains are a staple food in many tropical regions around the world, but they are not consumed raw. Instead, the fruit is prepared by boiling, mashing, or frying it before being used in a variety of savory meals. Despite the fact that plantains are a staple ingredient in the cuisine of a great number of Caribbean and African nations, it is believed that the fruit originated in Southeast Asia. The cultivation of plantains now accounts for around 85 percent of all bananas grown across the world. Ghana, Rwanda, Colombia, Nigeria, Peru, and Myanmar are among of the countries that are responsible for the majority of the world’s plantain production. It is also a key crop for the production of beer in several parts of East Africa, including Uganda and Tanzania, amongst other countries in the region.