Where do the Rocky Mountains begin and end?

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  • Yukon to Texas
  • Ontario to Colorado
  • Saskatchewan to Wyoming
  • British Columbia to New Mexico

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British Columbia to New Mexico


[STC002211] The Rocky Mountains are a formidable mountain range that acts as the support structure for the western regions of both the United States and Canada. The range extends for a distance of 3,000 miles, starting in New Mexico in the south and ending in British Columbia and Alberta in the north. Composed of around 100 separate ranges, the Rockies are generally divided into four big groups: the Colorado Plateau, the Southern Rockies, the Middle Rockies, and the Canadian and Northern Rockies. You can be certain that there will be miles upon miles of trails for you to explore no matter whatever exact section within the larger range that you choose to visit. In point of fact, there are places where mountain ranges can be more than 300 miles wide!