Where is America’s oldest continually operating drive-in theater?

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  • Orefield, Pennsylvania
  • Fort Worth, Texas
  • Liberty Center, Ohio
  • San Diego, California

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Orefield, Pennsylvania


[STC001173] Shankweiler’s Drive-In Theatre is an American institution that first opened its doors in 1934. Even while it wasn’t the first drive-in cinema ever built—that honor goes to one in New Jersey that debuted a year earlier in 1932—it is the oldest drive-in theater that is still in operation. This historic theater was opened by local hotelier Wilson Shankweiler, whose visit to the New Jersey open-air cinema inspired him to set up his own outdoor screen in the backyard of his hotel. When it first opened, it broadcasted baseball games played by the local team, Shankweiler AA. However, within a few years, it began advertising screenings of talkies in the local newspaper. People can get synced-up sound for the newest blockbuster movies by using their vehicle radios, which are equipped with FM transmitters, thanks to the advanced projection technology that the theater has today.