Where is Europe’s largest cuckoo clock?

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  • Switzerland
  • Germany
  • Czech Republic
  • Austria

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[STC001062] At the Eble Uhren-Park in Triberg-Schonach, Germany, it is nearly impossible to lose track of the passing of time. The cuckoo clock that takes up an entire house is the most impressive feature of the amusement park. It is 15 feet tall, weighs six tons, and has a 26-foot-long pendulum that swings back and forth. The weight of the cuckoo bird by itself is a staggering 330 pounds. Built in 1994 after five years of construction, the clock was modeled after a traditional cuckoo clock using Black Forest craftsmanship, only 60 times larger. It is without a doubt the largest cuckoo clock in Europe; however, its claims to being the largest cuckoo clock in the world are being challenged by a cuckoo clock located in Sugarcreek, Ohio.