Where is fairy bread considered a national treat?

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  • Australia and New Zealand
  • The Netherlands
  • Ireland and Great Britain
  • Japan

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Australia and New Zealand


[STC00898] Fairy bread is not some sort of magical treat that Tinker Bell and her friends leave behind in the night; rather, it is a relatively basic delicacy that is quite popular among youngsters in Australia and New Zealand. A loaf of white bread (preferably affordable sliced bread from a grocery shop), a layer of butter or margarine, and a generous coating of colorful ‘hundreds and thousands,’ which is the Australian phrase for sprinkles, are all that are required to make fairy bread. It is a traditional component of birthday celebrations for children held in both of these oceanic nations. The origins of the ‘fairy bread’ name are murky, but the first known reference to the dessert was a 1920s Australian newspaper article which mentioned children consuming ‘fairy bread’ at a birthday party.