Where is the Atacama Desert?

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  • Spain
  • Morocco
  • Canada
  • Chile

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[STC00647] The Atacama Desert is not just one of the world’s oldest deserts but also one of the areas on Earth with the lowest average annual precipitation. The average rainfall is just 0.6 inches per year; until the early 1970s, some parts of the desert hadn’t seen rainfall for around 400 years. The panorama of the Atacama Desert, which extends across 40,000 square miles along the Pacific coast in northern Chile, is characterized by the brilliant hues of mineral-rich sandstone, lagoons, and salt flats. One of the The desert’s Valle de Marte (which translates to ‘Mars Valley’) is famous for its resemblance to the red planet — in fact, NASA even used the valley to mimic the conditions on Mars for research.