Where is the fossil-filled “Valley of the Whales”?

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  • Egypt
  • Peru
  • The United States
  • Russia

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[STC0026] The Western Desert of Egypt is home to one of the most intriguing fossil troves that can be found anywhere in the globe.

Wadi Al-Hitan, also known as Whale Valley, is home to hundreds of fossils belonging to the Archaeoceti, an extinct suborder of whales that lived millions of years ago.

These fossils, which date back 37 million years and reveal that the ancient whales walked on land, provide essential support for the theory that marine animals walked on land long before they began swimming in the water.

It wasn’t until 1902 that the fossils of Whale Valley were uncovered, but ever since then, they have assisted paleontologists in solving the mystery of the whale’s most ancient parent.

The fascinating valley, which is full of sandstone that has been carved by wind, also contains relics of prehistoric sharks and crocodiles.

In 2005, UNESCO included the location on its list of World Heritage Sites.