Where is the world’s highest-altitude railway tunnel?

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  • India
  • Argentina
  • Switzerland
  • China

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[STC00283] The Fenghuoshan Tunnel, which is located on the Tibetan Plateau, is the rail tunnel that has the greatest elevation in the world.

The tunnel is a significant component of the Qinghao-Lhasa railroad and passes through the foothills of the Himalayas.

It is located at an elevation of 16,092 feet above sea level.

The length of the tunnel is close to one mile, and it takes the trains somewhere in the neighborhood of one minute to travel through it.

The Chinese name for the tunnel, which roughly translates to “Wind Volcano Tunnel,” alludes to the severe weather that might be expected at such a high altitude: Because Fenghuoshan is so high, it had to be built in circumstances similar to permafrost, where the oxygen levels are around half of what they are at sea level.

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