Where is the world’s northernmost vineyard?

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  • Germany
  • Russia
  • Canada
  • Norway

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[STC00967] It is thought that the Lerkekasa Vineyard in Norway is the northernmost vineyard in the world. This vineyard is situated in Norway at 59 degrees north, which is the same latitude as Alaska and Scotland. The geologist-turned-winemaker Joar Saettem opened the vineyard in 2008, in part to test his ability to cultivate grapes but also to bring awareness to the issue of climate change. The Gvarv valley, approximately two hours to the southwest of Oslo, is the setting for the 15-acre vineyard. Plants that are typically found in locations considerably further south can thrive in this region because of the microclimate that was produced by the mountains that surrounded it. Although only three varieties of grapes were able to make it through the winter in Norway, the vineyard was nevertheless able to produce its first vintage just one year after it opened. Visitors are welcome to come check out the vineyard, and they even have the option of spending the night inside of a massive wine barrel.