Where is the world’s oldest known forest?

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  • China
  • Macedonia
  • United States
  • Russia

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United States


[STC00922] Scientists only made the discovery of the world’s oldest forest not too long ago, and it was found not too far from Cairo, in the state of New York. When the vestiges of the root systems in these ancient woodlands were revealed by researchers in 2009, scientists discovered that they hadn’t changed much over the span of 385 million years. This was a discovery that scientists found to be quite remarkable. These fossilized roots are said to have originated from a member of the genus Archaeopteris, which is credited with giving rise to the first modern tree. Because of their capacity to make use of available resources, the tree roots probably predominated in the forests of the world at the end of the Devonian period. These roots had a reach of around 18 feet from the bases of their trunks. Archaeopteris also survived the process of natural selection thanks to its green leaves, which are excellent at absorbing light, and its thick trunks, which allow for development in both the horizontal and vertical directions. They are comparable to the maples and oak trees that are found in our modern landscape.