Where is the world’s oldest skyscraper city?

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  • United States
  • Russia
  • China
  • Yemen

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[STC002383] Shibam is light years ahead of both Chicago and New York City. Although the 1,700-year-old town in Yemen may not be bright and shiny like its fellow skyscraper cities, the ‘Chicago of the desert’ showcases the earliest form of vertical urban planning on the planet. Although its about 500 high-rise structures are made of mud brick rather than steel and concrete, the town of only 7,000 people is acknowledged by Guinness World Records as the world’s oldest skyscraper city. The towers, which were constructed in the 16th century, range in height from 5 to 11 stories and include one or two rooms on each floor. Some of the towers are as high as 100 feet. The so-called “Manhattan of the Middle East” was constructed as a defense against raids by Bedouin and is an absolute must-see for everyone who has an interest in the history of architecture.