Where is the world’s smallest “skyscraper”?

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  • Montana
  • Texas
  • New York
  • Illinois

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[STC002428] When you hear the word “skyscraper,” your first thought is probably “tall.” However, the Newby-McMahon Building in Wichita Falls, Texas, challenges that assumption. The so-called “world’s tiniest skyscraper” has a total height of 40 feet and four stories. To put it into perspective, the typical skyscraper has more than ten times that height, with forty storeys and more than four hundred and ninety feet. The question is, given this Napoleon’s diminutive stature, how did he manage to acquire such an illustrious title? Mostly as a result of lying: J.D. McMahon, a snake oil salesman, was successful in duping local businesses and individuals into investing in the construction of a high-rise during the oil boom that occurred in the early 1900s. After constructing this miniature skyscraper, he left town as soon as he had won the reward of $200,000 and fled the area. And would you believe that the con artist was successful in his scheme? Because McMahon had adhered to the sanctioned plans, the court sided with him when the investors eventually brought a lawsuit against him. Now, the ‘world’s smallest skyscraper’ has become invaluable to Wichita’s Depot Square Historic District and is protected as a Texas Historic Landmark, even making the National Register of Historic Places. The lesson to be learned from this is to make sure that you always read the blueprints and the fine print.