Where is the world’s tallest chimney?

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  • Russia
  • Kazakhstan
  • China
  • Canada

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[STC00605] You will frequently hear about the highest buildings in the world; nevertheless, there are a few industrial chimneys or smokestacks around the world that compete with these skyscrapers for the title of tallest. The GRES-2 Power Station in Ekibastuz, Kazakhstan, which was constructed in 1987, features the tallest chimney anywhere in the world. The flue gas stack stands at a height of 1,377 feet, which is quite close to the height of the Empire State Building (1,454 feet). A small but dedicated group of enthusiasts sets out to climb these structures — in 2020, Slovenian climbers Janja Garnbret and Domen Škofic became the first people to free climb Europe’s tallest chimney, the 1,180-foot Trbovlje Power Station in Slovenia. They have their sights set on the GRES-2 Power Station in Kazakhstan as their next target.