Where is this fjord-filled canyon?

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  • New Zealand
  • Iceland
  • Norway
  • Finland

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[STC003642] Another one of Iceland’s incredible natural wonders is the fjord-filled Fjarárgljfur canyon, which stretches for more than a mile and drops down for more than 100 meters. With steep, jagged, and often narrow walls, the roughly 2-million-year-old bedrock of the canyon is carved by the Fjaðrá river, which runs from Geirlandshraun mountain into the Skaftá river. The flow of Fjará is so low that hikers can walk through the canyon, with the exception of certain sections of their journey where they will need to wade. However, at some point within the canyon, waterfalls make further navigation impossible, thus hikers are forced to head back the way they came. There is also a route that you can walk along the edge of the canyon to get a bird’s-eye perspective of the otherworldly scenery if you would rather go on a dry stroll.