Where is this ornate tower?


Here is the question : WHERE IS THIS ORNATE TOWER?


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  • London
  • Chicago
  • Philadelphia
  • Paris

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The elegant Chicago Water Tower is a well-known addition to the shopping district known as the “Magnificent Mile” as well as the city’s tallest building. Due to the fact that it was one of the very few structures to survive the terrible Chicago Fire of 1871, the landmark stands out as being notably distinct from other new buildings located downtown. In the 1860s, a tower designed in the Gothic style was built for the purpose of storing water. William Boyington, the architect, planned from the beginning for the tower to be constructed out of yellow Joliet limestone. The tower is still standing to this day; in fact, it was the inspiration for the naming of a shopping center that is located nearby and is called Water Tower Place.

Where is this ornate tower?
Chicago is a city with a rich architectural heritage and a skyline that is instantly recognizable around the world. One of the most iconic and ornate towers in the city is located in the heart of downtown and is a popular destination for visitors and locals alike.

The ornate tower in Chicago is known as the Tribune Tower, and it is the headquarters of the Chicago Tribune newspaper. The tower was completed in 1925 and is known for its unique Gothic Revival style, which includes a number of intricate details and decorative elements.

One of the most striking features of the Tribune Tower is its façade, which is covered in a variety of materials and features a number of ornate sculptures and carvings. The tower’s entrance is also notable, with a large archway and a pair of imposing stone lions guarding the entrance.

the Tribune Tower remains a beloved and iconic landmark in Chicago, and a testament to the city’s rich architectural heritage. Visitors to the tower can explore the building’s ornate lobby, which features a number of historic artifacts and displays, as well as stunning views of the city from the tower’s observation deck.

the ornate tower in Chicago is a tribute to the city’s rich history and cultural heritage, and a testament to the enduring power of great architecture to inspire, educate, and delight visitors from around the world. Whether you’re a fan of Gothic Revival style, a lover of great architecture, or simply appreciate the beauty and majesty of Chicago’s skyline, the Tribune Tower is a must-visit destination that is sure to leave a lasting impression.