Which coffee variety is grown in Southeast Asia?




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  • Arabica
  • Robusta
  • Excelsa
  • Bernardina

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Excelsa coffee was first found in Central Africa at the beginning of the 20th century; however, these days, Southeast Asia is almost the only place it can be purchased. Vietnam, the Philippines, Indonesia, India, and Malaysia are the countries that are responsible for the production of excelsa. Excelsa grows at a medium altitude and is resistant to several diseases that affect other coffee crops, such as coffee leaf rust.

Which coffee variety is grown in Southeast Asia?
Excelsa coffee, also known as Coffea excelsa, is a unique and flavorful coffee variety that is grown primarily in Southeast Asia. It is one of the four main species of coffee plant, alongside Arabica, Robusta, and Liberica, and is prized for its distinctive and complex flavor profile.

Excelsa coffee is grown primarily in Vietnam, where it is known as “sữa” coffee, and in some parts of Laos and Cambodia. It is a hardy and resilient plant that is able to thrive in a wide range of conditions, from high altitudes to lowland regions with fluctuating temperatures and humidity levels.

What sets Excelsa coffee apart from other varieties is its unique flavor profile, which is characterized by a complex and fruity taste that is often described as having notes of tart cherry, blackberry, and citrus. It also has a slightly nutty and smoky flavor, with a medium body and low acidity.

Excelsa coffee remains relatively unknown and under-appreciated in the wider world of coffee. But for those who have had the pleasure of trying it, it is a true treasure, offering a rare and unforgettable glimpse into the rich and diverse world of coffee and the unique cultural and culinary traditions of Southeast Asia.