Which country has the longest-reigning monarch after the U.K.?




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  • Thailand
  • Denmark
  • Brunei
  • Sweden

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Hassanal Bolkiah, the Sultan of Brunei, has been in power since 1967. This is 14 years after Queen Elizabeth II of the United Kingdom was crowned as monarch of the United Kingdom. After his father abdicated the throne, the young ruler of the little state in Southeast Asia that is wealthy in oil took the throne when he was just 21 years old. Brunei is one of the few countries in the world that still has an absolute monarchy because the sultan also serves as the country’s prime minister and is in charge of the military. Bolkiah is believed to have a net worth of over $28 billion USD and possesses a collection of more than 500 Rolls Royce automobiles. He was once the richest man in the world. He resides at the Istana Nurul Iman, which has an astounding number of rooms (1,788) and is the largest palace in the entire globe.

Which country has the longest-reigning monarch after the U.K.?
Brunei, a small sovereign state located on the island of Borneo in Southeast Asia, is known for its stunning natural beauty, unique cultural heritage, and rich history. Among its many interesting features is the fact that it is home to the world’s second-longest-reigning monarch, after the United Kingdom.

The current Sultan of Brunei, Hassanal Bolkiah, has been in power since 1967, making him one of the longest-reigning monarchs in the world. During his reign, the Sultan has overseen a range of important changes and developments in Brunei, including the country’s transition to a modern, developed nation with a thriving economy and a range of cultural and social institutions.

the Sultan of Brunei is also an important cultural and religious figure in the region, and is known for his support of a range of charitable and philanthropic causes. He is also an important symbol of the country’s rich cultural heritage and traditional values, and is respected and admired by people throughout the region.

the fact that Brunei has the world’s second-longest-reigning monarch is a testament to the unique cultural heritage and historical significance of the region, as well as to the ongoing importance of tradition, stability, and continuity in shaping the world around us. And with its stunning natural beauty, rich cultural significance, and vibrant community, Brunei remains a must-visit destination for anyone interested in experiencing the best that Southeast Asia has to offer.