Which country has the most national parks?

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  • Thailand
  • China
  • Australia
  • United States

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[STC00423] If you want to name all of Australia’s national parks, it’s going to take a while because there are so many of them.

Some examples include Witjira National Park, Gawler Ranges National Park, and Francois Peron National Park.

The nation has more national parks than any other, with a total that is three times as large as China’s, which is considered to be its main rival.

According to NationMaster, Australia leads all other countries with a total of 685 national parks as of the year 2014.

As was previously stated, China is in second place with 208 national parks, followed by Thailand with 138 and India with 102.

Which should you go to first, the other or the first one? It is dependent on what it is that you wish to find.

Kakadu National Park is home to both indigenous rock art and crocodiles, while Purnululu National Park is noted for its expansive sandstone formations.

Freycinet National Park is known for its pink and granite coastal mountains, which are collectively referred to as The Hazards.