Which country has the world’s only “floating” national park?

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  • Cambodia
  • India
  • Peru
  • Iceland

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[STC001043] One of the largest freshwater lakes in India is called Loktak Lake, and when viewed from above, it appears as though the lake’s surface is covered with hundreds of islands that are flat. On the other hand, they are not islands at all; rather, they are floating clumps of vegetation known as “phumdis” in the local language. These phumdis are produced when grass, reeds, and dirt come together on the surface of the lake. The phumdis are held firmly in place by their roots, which extend all the way down to the bottom of the lake. This gives them the ability to hold weight. These islands are home to a species of deer that is unique to the area, but people have also left their imprint on them. On the largest of the ‘islands,’ which is little over 15 square miles in total area, there are now structures such as fishermen’s cottages, a school, and other facilities. Since the government of India designated Loktak as a national park in 1977, making it the world’s only floating national park, the environment that can only be found in Loktak was deemed to be of national park significance.