Which country is located primarily on the Jutland peninsula?

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  • Denmark
  • Finland
  • Norway
  • Sweden

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[STC0050] The Jutes were a Germanic people that lived in the region in the 5th century before moving on to attack Britain.

Jutland got its name from them.

Around the same time, Danes arrived into the peninsula from Sweden.

This may have added to the strain that the Jutes were already under, which ultimately led to their exodus.

The Danes kept the name, Jutland, even as it became their primary home, with two-thirds of the country of Denmark now located there, while the remaining land area consists of Zealand and some 400 other islands to the east.

Cycling is a favorite pastime for both residents of Jutland and visitors to the peninsula since the majority of the terrain is low-lying and flat.

As a result, the highest point on the peninsula is just 170 meters high.

There are 330,000 people living in Aarhus, which is the largest city in Jutland and the second largest in Denmark.

Despite its size, the port city has a drowsy quality to it that reflects the Danish notion of hygge, which is the pursuit of warmth and coziness above all else.

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