Which country is part of the United Kingdom but not Great Britain?

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Here is the option for the question :

  • England
  • Wales
  • Northern Ireland
  • Scotland

The Answer:

And, the answer for the the question is :

Northern Ireland


[STC002171] Although some people use the terms United Kingdom, Great Britain, and the British Isles interchangeably, these geographical regions all refer to very distinct places and should not be confused with one another. There are over 6,000 islands that make up the British Isles, with Great Britain and Ireland being the two islands that take up the most land. The nations of England, Scotland, and Wales all call the island continent of Great Britain home. Between the 16th and 19th centuries, these three countries, along with Ireland, were brought together to form what is now known as the United Kingdom. On the other hand, Ireland engaged in a guerilla struggle for independence almost as soon as World War I ended. This resulted in the island being split into two parts: the Republic of Ireland, which is now a sovereign nation that is no longer associated with the United Kingdom, and Northern Ireland, which is a territory on the island of Ireland that was opposed to becoming independent. Put simply, all four members of the U.K. (Northern Ireland, England, Scotland, and Wales) are non-sovereign countries joined together in a union known officially as the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland; although Northern Ireland is in the British Isles and part of the U.K., it is not part of Great Britain as that is a separate island.