Which country’s name had to be changed after a dispute with Greece?

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  • Cyprus
  • North Macedonia
  • Turkey
  • The Czech Republic

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North Macedonia


[STC0063] Where in the world is Macedonia? It depends on who you ask about it.

The issue had been a source of contention between Greece and the nation that was once known as the Republic of Macedonia up to the year 2019.

The word “Macedonia” refers to a large geographical region with a rich history — it was the homeland of Alexander the Great — that encompasses a significant portion of the Balkan peninsula and includes all or part of six different states that are located on the Balkan peninsula.

Greece currently occupies the land that was formerly the shoreline of the area, as well as the ancient capitals and the majority of the ancient kingdom of Macedonia.

But when former Yugoslavia broke apart, one country to emerge was the ‘Republic of Macedonia,’ which adopted that name since the entirety of its land also fell within the geographic region of Macedonia.

Greece, which believes itself to be the home of historic Macedonia and uses that name for its northern territories, was quite disappointed to learn that.

The two nations engaged in a diplomatic conflict during the 1990s and 2000s and were unable to come to terms with one another for several decades before eventually reaching a compromise in February 2019.

As on that particular day, the nation that was formerly known as the Republic of Macedonia is now referred to by its new name, which is “North Macedonia.