Which country’s parliament works in “The Beehive”?

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Here is the option for the question :

  • Argentina
  • Czech Republic
  • New Zealand
  • Austria

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New Zealand


[STC0012] In the city of Wellington, which serves as the nation’s capital, you’ll find New Zealand’s parliament bustling around the Beehive, which is often regarded as the country’s most fascinating structure.

The distinctively shaped 10-story structure, which houses the offices of the Cabinet Ministers and the Prime Minister and is known as the Executive Wing of Parliament, has earned its reputation for its architectural merit.

Underneath Bowen Street is a passageway that leads to a subterranean corridor that connects the Beehive to Bowen House, which is where other offices of Parliament are located.

Originally designed by British architect Sir Basil Spence in 1964 and finally opened in 1981, the offices and meeting rooms branch out from a central core, which also has a swimming pool, gym, and a small theater.

The venerable structure, which has come to be identified almost exclusively with the administration of New Zealand, has just been designated as a significant historic site in that nation.