Which famous park has a secret code on its lampposts?

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  • Hyde Park, London
  • Central Park, NYC
  • The Imperial Palace Gardens, Tokyo
  • Golden Gate Park, San Francisco

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Central Park, NYC


[STC00959] If you ever find yourself lost inside the 840 acres that make up Central Park in New York City, simply approach one of the park’s 1,600 lampposts and ask for directions. A navigational method for getting about the enormous park is hidden as a code on each of these posts, which may be deciphered if you know it. It was developed to assist park employees in locating broken or shattered lamps and making repairs to them. However, there is no need to be concerned because even a child could decipher the secret message. Each so-called “luminaire” bears a total of four numerals, the first two of which point in the direction of the nearest intersection, while the remaining two point in the general direction of the park (even numbers for east, odd for west). The greater the value of the second number, the closer you are to the heart of the park you now are. If you are meant to meet up with your buddies at the entrance near 68th street on the West Side, for example, you should try to spot the light that reads “6801.”