Which famous wizard allegedly moved Stonehenge from its original site?




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  • Merlin
  • Dumbledore
  • Gandalf
  • Circe

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Legends surround Stonehenge. The chronicler Geoffrey of Monmouth, who is credited with creating the most of the King Arthur legend, is the author of one renowned tale. He claimed that while Stonehenge was actually constructed by giants in Ireland, the stones were magically transferred to Wiltshire where they now stand as a monument to the over 500 British rulers who were killed by the Anglo-Saxons.

Which famous wizard allegedly moved Stonehenge from its original site?

Merlin: The Alleged Wizard Behind the Relocation of Stonehenge

Stonehenge, the iconic prehistoric monument located on the Salisbury Plain in Wiltshire, England, has long fascinated and mystified people around the world. While its origins and purpose remain subjects of speculation and wonder, there is a legendary figure often associated with the site’s mystical history: Merlin, the famous wizard of Arthurian legend. According to folklore and tales passed down through generations, Merlin is said to have played a pivotal role in the relocation of Stonehenge from its original site. Let us delve into the captivating story of Merlin and his alleged involvement with this ancient and enigmatic monument.

Merlin, known as the legendary wizard and advisor to King Arthur, is a prominent figure in Arthurian mythology. He is depicted as a powerful sorcerer with exceptional knowledge and magical abilities. According to the legends, Merlin possessed the gift of foresight and possessed a deep understanding of the mystical forces that shaped the world.

In the context of Stonehenge, the story goes that Merlin, recognizing the significance and power of the monument, foresaw the imminent threat it faced. The original location of Stonehenge, believed to be closer to the River Avon, was at risk of destruction due to various factors, including natural forces and human interference. To protect and preserve this sacred site, Merlin is said to have used his magical prowess to transport the massive stones to their current location on Salisbury Plain.

The method by which Merlin allegedly moved the stones remains a matter of speculation and imagination. Some legends suggest that he utilized his mastery of ancient and mystical rituals, invoking supernatural forces to levitate and transport the massive stones through the air. Others believe that he employed a combination of advanced engineering knowledge and magical enchantments to orchestrate the monumental task of relocating the stones.

The association of Merlin with Stonehenge has captured the imagination of storytellers, poets, and artists throughout history. His alleged involvement adds a touch of enchantment and mystery to the already awe-inspiring monument. The notion that a legendary wizard, capable of bending the forces of nature to his will, was responsible for the relocation of Stonehenge only deepens the sense of wonder and reverence associated with the site.

It is important to note that the story of Merlin’s involvement in moving Stonehenge is rooted in mythology and folklore rather than historical fact. The actual origins and construction methods of Stonehenge remain subjects of ongoing research and study by archaeologists and historians. While Merlin’s tale provides a captivating narrative and adds to the mystique of the monument, it is essential to approach it with an understanding of its mythical nature.

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