Which gulf lies between Sweden and Finland?

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  • Gulf of Bothnia
  • Gulf of Riga
  • Gulf of Finland
  • Gulf of Lion

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Gulf of Bothnia


[STC00520] There is a land boundary between Sweden and Finland that is only 509 kilometers long. The remaining portions of the countries are cut off from one another by the Gulf of Bothnia, which is a part of the Baltic Sea’s northernmost arm. Spanning 45,200 square miles, the gulf is considerably longer than it is wide — it extends 450 miles north to south but 50 to 150 miles east to west. Because of the low salinity that is caused by the numerous rivers that flow into the gulf, it is possible to find ice on its surface for up to five months throughout the winter. The Gulf of Mexico is home to a large number of islands, the most southern of which are known as the Land Islands.