Which literary nickname is used for Glasgow’s underground railway system?

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  • Animal Farm
  • The Hogwarts Express
  • The Orient Express
  • The Clockwork Orange

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The Clockwork Orange


[STC0074] Despite the fact that Hogwarts Castle is located in the Scottish highlands, the term “Clockwork Orange” is actually given to Glasgow’s public transportation system.

It is the third-oldest subterranean system in the world, having been constructed in 1896, behind those in London and Budapest.

It is one of the only systems in the world that has not expanded from its original course and consists of just one circular route below the city with 15 stops.

This makes it one of the most unique systems in the world.

During the 1970s, Glasgow installed bright orange vehicles along this circular route, which resulted in the city earning the moniker “Clockwork Orange.

” This is a reference to the well-known novel “A Clockwork Orange” written by Anthony Burgess.

Locals, on the other hand, are more likely to refer to it as simply “the subway” or “the tube,” despite the fact that the moniker appears to be used more frequently in the media and visitor guidebooks.

Before the orange cars were added, it was also occasionally referred to as the ‘Shoogly Train.

‘ This name was a reference to the local slang term’shoogle,’ which means ‘rattle.

‘ Before the orange cars were added, however, the name was rarely used.