Which major city banned outdoor advertisements in 2007?

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  • São Paulo, Brazil
  • Lima, Peru
  • Quito, Ecuador
  • Buenos Aires, Argentina

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São Paulo, Brazil


[STC002241] So Paulo is one of the few cities in the world to have a complete ban on all forms of outdoor advertising, including marketing billboards, business signs, bus ads, and even the distribution of pamphlets to pedestrians. While other cities have implemented restrictions on outdoor advertisements, this policy is unprecedented. When this was first proposed, the business community was naturally angry and hurried to give counter arguments, such as the allegation that a lack of advertisements would make people less safe because it would entail less outside illumination. This was one of the arguments that was presented. Even though the city lost revenue that some ads provide and had to spend money taking down others, they also instituted substantial fines for businesses that left their outdoor advertisements up and discovered that advertising was covering up underlying building and social problems that needed to be addressed. In 2017, the newly elected mayor of the city initiated a bidding process for future advertisements, leaving the status of the ban on billboards uncertain.