Which major city’s airport was shut down by protestors today?




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  • Paris
  • Beijing
  • Caracas
  • Hong Kong

The Answer:

And, the answer for the the question is :

Hong Kong


The tensions that have been mounting in Hong Kong for several months reached new heights today. Earlier this year, demonstrations broke out after a bill was proposed that would allow people to be extradited from Hong Kong to China. Thousands of demonstrators were responsible for the closure of the city’s international airport in response to a number of issues, one of which was the increased use of force by Hong Kong police. Protesters believe that the legislation constitutes an infringement on their right to self-government because the semi-autonomous city in question is a special administrative territory that adheres to the principle of “one country, two systems.” Last month, Secretary for Security John Lee declared that “the law is dead,” yet more fundamental concerns continue to exist. At this time, there will be no departures from any of the airport’s terminals.

Which major city`s airport was shut down by protestors today?
Hong Kong International Airport, one of the busiest airports in the world, was shut down by protestors on a recent day. The protesters were demonstrating against a controversial extradition bill that would allow Hong Kong residents to be extradited to mainland China for trial. The bill has sparked widespread controversy and protests in Hong Kong, with many residents concerned about the erosion of civil liberties and the potential for political persecution.

The airport shutdown caused major disruptions to air travel, with hundreds of flights cancelled or delayed. The protests also led to clashes between protestors and police, with reports of violence and arrests.

The shutdown of Hong Kong International Airport is just one example of the ongoing political unrest and social tensions in Hong Kong, which have been escalating in recent months. The protests have been driven by a range of issues, including concerns about democracy, human rights, and economic inequality.

however, the city remains an important hub for trade and commerce, with a vibrant and dynamic culture and a rich history and heritage. Hong Kong is also an important gateway to China and the wider Asia-Pacific region, and plays a vital role in promoting economic growth and development throughout the area.

the shutdown of Hong Kong International Airport by protestors is a testament to the power and potential of human activism and social change, as well as to the enduring complexity and wonder of our natural and cultural heritage. Whether viewed as a source of inspiration and wonder, a symbol of social and economic vitality, or simply as a magnificent and awe-inspiring work of human history and tradition, the people of Hong Kong and their struggles and aspirations are sure to continue to captivate and inspire people for generations to come.