Which newspaper magnate helped fund the Statue of Liberty?

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  • William Randolph Hearst
  • Benjamin Franklin
  • Isaiah Thomas
  • Joseph Pulitzer

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Joseph Pulitzer


[STC001069] Joseph Pulitzer, a newspaper owner and politician, was instrumental in 1885 in helping to bring the Statue of Liberty to fulfillment by using his power to help assure its completion. Because the committee that was in charge of the statue had ran out of money, Pulitzer sent out an appeal to the readers of the “New York World” asking for donations. In the piece, he stated, “Let us not wait for the billionaires to give us this money.” (Let us not wait for the millionaires to give us the money.) It is not a present from the wealthy of France to the millionaires of America; rather, it is a gift from the entire population of France to the entirety of the American population. The endeavor was successful, and a total of one hundred thousand dollars was raised. These money were utilized to complete the pedestal on which Lady Liberty stands; it accounts for approximately half of the total height of the monument. As a gesture of gratitude, Mr. Pulitzer published in his newspaper the names of all around 125,000 individuals who had given (the majority of contributions averaged less than one dollar).