Which novel was set in the Roaring ’20s?


Here is the question : WHICH NOVEL WAS SET IN THE ROARING ’20S?


Here is the option for the question :

  • The Great Gatsby
  • To Kill a Mockingbird
  • Animal Farm
  • The Catcher in the Rye

The Answer:

And, the answer for the the question is :

The Great Gatsby


We have the 1920s to thank for some of the most memorable novels in history, such as Ernest Hemingway’s ‘The Sun Also Rises,’ and James Joyce’s ‘Ulysses,’ but perhaps no writer exemplifies the Jazz Age more than F. Scott Fitzgerald. The glitzy parties he went to on the North Shore of Long Island served as a source of motivation for him to create “The Great Gatsby.” The novel was published in 1925 and recounts narrator Nick Carraway’s preoccupation with rich Jay Gatsby and his fixation with Daisy Buchanan, who was a past sweetheart.

Which novel was set in the Roaring ’20s?
The Great Gatsby is a novel by F. Scott Fitzgerald that is set in the Roaring ’20s, a time of great social and cultural change in the United States. The novel is widely regarded as a classic of American literature and is celebrated for its vivid portrayal of the era’s excesses, contradictions, and contradictions.

The novel tells the story of Jay Gatsby, a wealthy and enigmatic figure who lives in a luxurious mansion on Long Island. Gatsby is known for his extravagant parties, which attract the cream of New York society, but he is also haunted by a past love affair with a woman named Daisy Buchanan.

As the story unfolds, Gatsby’s obsession with Daisy drives him to great lengths to win her back, leading to a tragic and ultimately doomed love affair that is emblematic of the era’s excesses and contradictions.

The Great Gatsby is celebrated for its vivid and evocative portrayal of the Roaring ’20s, a time of great social and cultural change in the United States. It captures the excitement, glamour, and excesses of the era, as well as its darker side, including the corruption, violence, and moral decay that underlie its surface glamour.

The novel is also celebrated for its powerful themes of love, loss, and the American Dream. It explores the nature of love and obsession, the fragility of human relationships, and the alluring but ultimately elusive nature of the American Dream.

The Great Gatsby is a powerful and enduring work of American literature that captures the spirit and contradictions of a fascinating and complex era in the country’s history. It remains a beloved and influential work, inspiring readers and filmmakers alike with its timeless themes and vivid portrayal of an unforgettable era.