Which of these is nicknamed “the world’s most useless airport”?

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  • St. Helena Airport, St. Helena Island
  • Tenerife South Airport, Spain
  • London City Airport, England
  • Mataveri Airport, Easter Island

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St. Helena Airport, St. Helena Island


[STC00286] You probably wouldn’t consider this airport to be useless if you were one of the 4,500 people who live on the lonely volcanic island of Saint Helena in the middle of the South Atlantic Ocean.

However, the actual use of the St.

Helena Airport has proven to be challenging.

The airport opened in 2016 after years of controversy and construction delays, but due to weather conditions that made landing on the runway difficult, it wasn’t until a full year later that regular commercial services began.

The airport became known as the “world’s most useless airport” as a result of its reputation.

However, given that the airport is now operational, a five-night trip to the islands from the closest major city, which is Cape Town in South Africa, is no longer required.

The airport has taken its place.