Which Russian city is famous for its “White Nights”?




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  • St. Petersburg
  • Moscow
  • Ekaterinburg
  • Volgograd

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St. Petersburg


There are a number of places around Russia that experience extended daylight during the summer, but St. Petersburg is the location where this season is appreciated the most. The name “White Nights” comes from the fact that during the summer months, the sun doesn’t set for more than a few hours each night, which results in the city having nearly continuous daylight. Residents in St. Petersburg celebrate the return of sunlight after a long winter, and the thawing of the Neva River, with festivals and parties. In the summer, celebrations may be found everywhere in the city, from pubs and roofs to parks and open spaces. The White Nights Festival also has a number of ballet and opera performances, and it is customary for there to be a fireworks display that lasts for an hour.

Which Russian city is famous for its `White Nights`?
The city of St. Petersburg in Russia is famous for its “White Nights” festivals. During summer, St. Petersburg experiences extended periods of daylight and twilight, from late April to early July. The city is awake and active day and night, with festive events, arts performances, open-air concerts, and annual celebrations that last into the early morning hours.

St. Petersburg was built in 1703 on the orders of Tsar Peter the Great, intended to become a gateway to the West. Peter modeled the city on Western European cities like Amsterdam and Venice. He adorned St. Petersburg with magnificent baroque churches, ornate palaces, lavish art museums housing famous treasures like the Hermitage Collection, and grand imperial monuments. St. Petersburg is considered the “Venice of the North” due to its network of rivers and canals featuring historic bridges and limestone embankments.

White Nights festivals maximize daylight to showcase St. Petersburg at its best. The “Night of Museums” keeps museums open all night with free admission, special exhibits and events. The St. Petersburg Marathon attracts over 30,000 runners. Open-air concerts, film screenings, art exhibitions and literary gatherings take place throughout the city. Local and international orchestras, ballet and opera companies perform at stunning venues like the Mariinsky Theatre. Boat tours cruise the Neva River canals for breathtaking views of the city silhouette.

Beyond White Nights, St. Petersburg hosts grand imperial balls, historic naval parades, and religious processions like the Cross Procession. Tsarist pageantry is reenacted at palaces like the Grand Kremlin Palace and Peterhof Palace with its splendid gardens, fountains and tsarist treasures. St. Isaac’s Cathedral and the Russian Museum showcase Russian art, history, architecture and cultural heritage. Iconic St. Basil’s Cathedral on Red Square is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

With a rich history as the capital of the Russian Empire, stunning attractions, architectural landmarks and vibrant cultural traditions, St. Petersburg rightly deserves its reputation as the “Venice of the North”. Shrouded in mystery, grandeur and romance, the whiteness of its White Nights illuminates a city like no other, revealing an enchanting, magical place frozen in time. St. Petersburg is a city meant for strolling, admiring and falling deeply in love with its captivating spirit and grace.