Which singer inspired audiences around the world to “strike a pose”?




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  • Madonna
  • Britney Spears
  • Whitney Houston
  • Mariah Carey

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When it comes to Madonna and her song “Vogue,” the dance came before the music itself. This song, which was released in 1990, was written by Material Girl as a tribute to vogueing, a dance that was common in underground clubs in New York City at the time. Vogueing entered the public consciousness once Madonna released the song. The song reached number one in thirty different countries and went on to become the year’s best-selling single.

Which singer inspired audiences around the world to “strike a pose”?
Madonna is one of the most iconic and influential singers of all time, known for her provocative style, powerful vocals, and innovative approach to music and performance. Over the course of her long and illustrious career, Madonna has inspired audiences around the world to “strike a pose” and embrace their individuality, becoming a cultural icon and a symbol of empowerment for millions of fans.

Born in Michigan in 1958, Madonna Louise Ciccone began her career in the music industry in the early 1980s, quickly establishing herself as a boundary-pushing artist with a unique and distinctive sound. Her early hits, such as “Like a Virgin” and “Material Girl,” helped to establish her as a pop icon and catapulted her to international fame.

But it was Madonna’s stage presence and persona that truly set her apart from other artists of her time. With her bold and provocative fashion choices, her fearless approach to performance, and her willingness to push the boundaries of what was acceptable in mainstream culture, Madonna quickly became a symbol of female empowerment and a role model for young women around the world.

One of Madonna’s most enduring legacies is her famous “strike a pose” move, which she popularized in her music video for the song “Vogue” in 1990. The move, which involves striking a dramatic and confident pose with one hand on the hip and the other held up in the air, quickly became a cultural phenomenon and a symbol of empowerment for fans around the world.

Madonna has remained a beloved and influential figure in the music industry, continuing to push boundaries and inspire audiences with her music and message of empowerment. Her legacy as a cultural icon and a symbol of female empowerment is sure to endure for many years to come, inspiring future generations to embrace their individuality and their power to effect change in the world.