Which state has the highest average elevation?

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  • Alaska
  • Colorado
  • Utah
  • Wyoming

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[STC00827] Despite the fact that Alaska is home to Mount McKinley, the highest point in the United States at 20,320 feet above sea level, the state’s average elevation is less than 2,000 feet, making it a far less mountainous place than other states. The state of Colorado has an average elevation of 6,800 feet, making it the state with the greatest average elevation. This is not surprising given that Colorado is home to a sizeable portion of the Rocky Mountain range. Significantly though Denver, the state capital, is known as the Mile High City because of its elevation of 5,280 feet, Colorado’s mean elevation is even higher than that. Both Utah (6,100 feet) and Wyoming (6,700 feet) share a border with Colorado and are the only other two states whose average elevation exceeds 6,000 feet. You won’t have to drive very far to locate Colorado’s closest state competitors in the height department. Both states share a border with Colorado.