Which town is shaped like a nine-pointed star?

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  • Dubrovnik, Croatia
  • Palmanova, Italy
  • Bled, Slovenia
  • Sintra, Portugal

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Palmanova, Italy


[STC002696] There are two schools of thought among city planners: those who create cities with an emphasis on practical infrastructure, and those who design cities with an idealized geometry. One example of the latter type is found in Italy’s Palmanova Star Fort. During the 16th century, construction began on the star-shaped fortification that had nine points. Because Friuli was a contested territory at the time, the Venetians constructed this stronghold to defend the region utilizing the utopian ideal that was popular among Renaissance artists and philosophers. The end product was this one-of-a-kind fortified town, which is today known as Palmanova, which literally translates to “new Palma.” You can take in more than 400 years of history if you walk from the hexagonal town square that is located in the center of the city to the three gates that give admission to the city.